Light rail comes to Phoenix

Metro light rail begins on Dec. 27, 2008

Phoenix was home to the largest light rail launch in U.S. history when it introduced the 20 mile, 28 station, $1.4 billion mass transit sytem to valley residents today. There is no charge to ride the light rail for the rest of 2008. Tens of thousands of people took advantage of the free fare to see what 12 years of planning, research and construction had to offer. I would not be surprised to learn there were over 100,000 passengers the opening day.  I thought that if I was going to write about it, I’d better experience it.  My initial stop was to the eastern most station at Main and Sycamore. That quickly changed when they quoted a wait time of 1.5 hours to get on the train.

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Ocotillo Lakes – The jewel of Chandler Waterfront Community Homes

Chandler Lakefront Luxury Homes

For over a decade, the Ocotillo Lakes area in Chandler has been home to some of the most cherished Chandler subdivsions and waterfront homes.  With such employers as Intel, Orbital, and Motorola and other semi-conductor companies, Ocotillo Lakes provides a short commute, highly rated schools and well manicured homesites.  Ocotillo lakes includes 167 acres of interconnected lakes and waterfeatures.

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Santan Lakeside lot for sale in Gilbert

San Tan Lakeside waterski lot for sale

Currently the only lot for sale in Santan Lakeside Estates is lot 13 on the west side of the lake.  The bank has already approved the price on this short sale, $600,000.  Utilities are already at the property.  San tan Lakeside Estates is quickly becoming the premier tournament waterski lake in the valley.  Some of Gilbert’s most expensive homes are located in this waterski community.  Two other homes are under construction, both on the east side of the lake.

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Gilbert: A top place to raise children

Gilbert Arizona recognized as one of Arizona’s best places to raise children

In the November 10, 2008 issue Business Week recognized Gilbert as one of the top places in Arizona to raise children. Obviously, they have their rating system which produced Gilbert as their top pick and makes parents in other towns & cities cry foul.  Knowing the valley pretty well I reflected on the different qualities of each town and instead of questioning their choice, I tried to build a list in my mind of why I would support Gilbert a top choice, even if it was not number 1.

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