Comparing Phoenix Area Cities’ Taxes and Utilities

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Is one Phoenix valley city more expensive to live than another?

When someone is relocating to Arizona, I liken it to drinking out of a firehose.  There is so much information, both qualitative and quantitative, to digest (or swallow) that it is an overwhelming task.   Many future home buyers want to know about property tax differences between cities. But nobody ever asks about the difference between the overall tax burden including utilities.  The Arizona Republic published an article on April 4, 2010 that attempts to compare the cumulative effect of taxes and fees for some of the major Phoenix valley cities.

  City Property      
Municipality Tax Rate  * Sales tax** Garbage Water *** Sewer Total
Gilbert $1.15  ($234) 1.5% (7.8%) $17.30 $31.13 $24.93 $1,646
Chandler $1.18  ($233) 1.5% (7.8%) $15.07 $32.56 $19.97 $1,650
Tempe $1.40  ($274) 1.8% (8.1%) $19.98 $30.29 $23.68 $1,799
Mesa $0.30 ($61) 1.75% (8.05%) $23.88 $52.48 $30.19 $1,862
Scottsdale $0.74 ($143) 1.65% (7.95%) $15.89 $51.81 $39.11 $2,007
Surprise $0.57 (80) 2.2% (8.5%) $16.63 $51.14 $24.78 $2,041
Peoria $1.44 ($289) 1.8% (8.1%) $15.06 $40.87 $24.56 $2,092
Phoenix $1.82 ($353) 2% (8.3%) $26.85 $40.96 $31.53 $2,208
Glendale $1.60 ($319) 2.2% (8.5%) $16.30 $40.94 $37.79 $2,310
Avondale $1.11 ( $283) 2.5% (8.8%) $19.00 $42.05 $44.29 $2,422
* Combined annual municipal primary and secondary taxes per $100 assessed value for a $250,000 home.** Sales tax for individual municipality. % in parentheses is the combined city and state tax.
*** Based on 15,000 gallons per month usage.

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Chandler Waterfront Home in The Springs

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Waterfront Home of the Week

This past week a client from New York came into town to see Gilbert and Chandler waterfront homes for sale.  Gilbert and Chandler have the most lake communities in the Phoenix area, so it was the best place to begin.  Our focus was on waterfront homes ideally under $300K in the east valley.   In that price range, waterfront communities such as The Springs, Lagos Vistoso, Stonebridge Lakes, Lago Estacia and Pecos Ranch offer the best selection.  The most impressive house during our day of looking at homes was a remodeled waterfront home in The Springs in Chandler

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Annual Pat’s Run draws over 28,000

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Local charity run in honor of Pat Tillman draws record crowd

Last Saturday, over 28,000 participants were at the stating line at 7 a.m. to participate in the sixth annual Pat’s Run to raise money for educational scholarships.  Pat Tillman, was a former ASU and Arizona Cardinal football player and Army Ranger.  After Sept. 11, 2001, Pat and his younger brother joined the military.  In so doing, Pat turned down a $3.6 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals to serve his country.  On April 22, 2004, Pat was killed by friendly fire while serving in eastern Afghanistan.

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Chandler Waterfront Condos – A Home Away From Home

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Turn Key Get Away Vacation and Second Homes in Az Lake Communities

Driving through luxury condo and townhouse lake communities  in Chandler offers a very diverse and even international feel in January when you see as many out of state license plates as Arizona plates.   The many Chandler lake communities offer a peaceful setting and typically  a golf course is not too far away.  This is a great alternative  for the many part time residents looking for an escape from freeezing temperature and blizzards in the midwest and Canada.

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Joe’s Real BBQ – Popular Gilbert Restaurant

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Best of Phoenix Eating and Unique AtmosphereJoe's Front Entrance

Where do you go to find a unique local restarant that serves award winning BBQ?  Head south on Gilbert Rd. to Joe’s Real BBQ in the historic section of Gilbert.  Joe’s opened for business in January 1998 and has been satisfying cravings for barbeque brisket, pulled pork, pit ham, pork ribs, chicken and turkey breast ever since.  The food is award winning and you’ll also appreciate the old-style atmosphere that is one of a kind.  Where else will you find a  1948 John Deere tractor in the middle of the dining area?  The New Times awarded Joe’s the Best of Phoenix for Old-Fashioned Charm. If you are into sauces, you  have your choice of spicy, or “we dare you” hot which uses habanero peppers to turn up the heat.   My favorite lunch time meal is the BBQ sampler with over 3/4 lb. of ribs, chicken, pork and beef.  Most plates are in the $8 – $12 range.  Joe’s also features a comfortable and large outdoor dining area. 

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