Best residential boating lakes in Phoenix

Boating on Phoenix Residential Lakes

A common question I receive about waterfront property is,”Can I boat on the lake?”   Many waterfront owners want to use a pontoon boat or a kayak and enjoy boating from a dock in their backyard in the desert!  Some may not. A previous post discussed how to determine if a lake allows boating.  Now let’s take it a step further and  list the best residential lakes in Phoenix for boating.

What is the criteria for best lake community boating?

Start with a very simple question after looking at an aerial view of the community, “Do other waterfront home owners have docks & boats?”  No docks or boats would make me wonder.  If every other backyard has a dock/boat at the water’s edge, that would be a strong endorsement of the lake for happy boaters.

After that it starts to get subjective but other factors would be open areas and not just narrow waterways. Add to that the continuous length that a boater could travel before turning around.

East Valley Boat Friendly Lake Communities Search

West Valley Boat Friendly Lake Communities Search

South of Phoenix Boat Friendly Lake Communities Search

Water ski property, a special kind of lake community include 6 water ski communities in the

Phoenix area. These unique properties can be found in Santan Lakeside Estates, Crystal Point, Playa Del Rey, Lakeside Ski Village, and Buchli Lake.  Spring Mountain Ski Ranch has water ski lots but currently no houses. These are the only communities that allow internal combustion motors.

Video of San Tan Lakeside Estates

Water Ski Home Search

If you would like to receive listings automatically of boat friendly waterfront property, please click on I want waterfront property listings and be specific about your ideal property.

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