Crystal Gardens Waterfront Homes – Avondale Lake Community

This Avondale Lake Community Is Truly Unique

Crystal Gardens entrance lake

As you drive along Crystal Gardens Parkway you notice that this is not like other Phoenix lake communities.  If you stop to observe the lakes, you’ll find out they are not lakes but “treatment cells”.   Further research reveals that these cells also have “working fish” and are part of the Avondale Wetland project.   That’s when you really wonder what’s going on and feel the need to understand this Avondale waterfront community.

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Paradise Lake waterfront homes in Arizona City

Paradise Lake FountainLake Community in Arizona City

The largest residential lake in Pinal county, Paradise Lake, can be found in a quiet rural neighborhood south of Casa Grande in Arizona City.  The layout of the  48 acre lake maximizes the lake view of each waterfront home.  Even in the narrowest parts of the lake, most waterfront homeowners enjoy at least 200 feet of waterfront view.  Select lakefront lots can easily have waterfront views of over 600 ft behind them.  That is some of the best if not the best in the Phoenix valley.

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Luxury Waterfront Homes in Phoenix

Luxury waterfront homes

Phoenix Luxury Waterfront Homes in Lake Communities

Some of the most coveted luxury home locations are those in lake communities with  a waterfront view.  Very few waterfront or lakefront homes are being built with the slowdown of new home subdivisions.  A luxury home on a waterfront lot makes a fanastic combination that provides the owner with a unique oasis setting in the desert.   The following luxury home links list waterfront homes above $500,000 in various parts of the valley.

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Loan modifications – Not moving fast enough, why?

austin-on-lift-in-breckenridgeLoan modifications and the wrong incentives

I’ve been accused by some as being a workaholic  and in some instances there is evidence that it is true.  But the picture to the right that I took of my son is proof that I was in attendance at a family  reunion in Breckenridge, Colorado and tried to have a balanced life.  I don’t know how it happened but an interesting real estate article found  me at our 10,000 foot  retreat. It was waiting for me at the local City Market Food Store, and came in the form of an article from The New York Times about loan modifications that adds another piece to a sometime crazy puzzle. Continue reading “Loan modifications – Not moving fast enough, why?”

Waterfront bank owned and short sale properties in the Phoenix area

Waterfront Bank Owned Homes and Short Sales in Phoenix

Distressed Sales as a percentage of total sales by city – June 2009june-2009-distressed-sales-as-a-percentage-of-sales-by-city

In the current environment, if you talk about Phoenix real estate,  bank owned and short sale properties must be part of the conversation, and this has obviously impacted waterfront homes and lake community properties throughout the valley.  The differences between these two types of distressed properties are significant, but both represent opportunities for those looking for homes at below market prices.  In the majority of cities in the valley, bank owned (REO) and short sales represent the majority of the sales.   The chart to the left shows the bank owned homes and short sales as a percentage of total sales for the month of June 2009 by city. Continue reading “Waterfront bank owned and short sale properties in the Phoenix area”

Tempe Waterfront Homes and Community Profile – The Oasis at Anozira

walking-paths-around-the-oasis-lakeThe Oasis at Anozira in Tempe Lake Community

This small, well hidden lake community could easy be over looked by Tempe waterfront home and lake community  seekers, and that would be unfortunate.   This community has unique features that make it a very desirable lake community in Tempe.  A residential development of approximately 140 acres and 35 waterfront homes, it can be easily missed.

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Gilbert waterfront homes and lake communities

Waterfront homes in Gilbert are some of  the best in Phoenix

In your quest for Phoenix lake communities that have waterfront homes, any search would be incomplete if you didn’t consider the eight waterfront communities in Gilbert.  I’m not counting  subdivisions that have a community lake at the entrance or near the clubhouse.  These are communities in which some of the homes are on waterfront lots.  Specifically, these Gilbert waterfront lake communities are Val Vista Lakes, The Islands, Crystal Point, Santan Lakeside Estates, Playa del Rey,  Lago Estancia, Stonebridge Estates, and Wind Drift.


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Waterfront Retirement Property at Sun Lakes

sun-lakes-arizona waterfront homes for saleSun Lakes Active Adult Community abounds in waterfront homes

Amazingly,  Sun Lakes has over 430 waterfront homes, and that is not counting those homes on golf courses within Sun Lakes that also have lakefront property.  This may come as a surprise since Sun Lakes is known for it’s well manicured 18 hole golf courses, and 5 club houses.  This 3,500 acre active adult community is home to approximatley 16,000 residents.

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Basement homes in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale

Custom Basement home in Chandler & GilbertAre there basement homes in the Phoenix area?

As of this writing there are 635 listings for homes with basements in the Phoenix metro area, out of  a total of 25,941 listings for single family homes.  Less than 2.5% of the total homes available for sale have basements.  Those that have moved here from other states, which is about everyone,  always ask why the scarcity of basement homes.   You’ll certainly get a variety of answers.  Read on for the real reasons!

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Scottsdale Ranch Waterfront Homes

scottsdale-ranch-lakefront3Scottsdale Lake Community

Scottsdale Ranch is home to over 250 waterfront luxury homes that surround Lake Serena. Scottsdale Ranch, a 1,100 acre residential development,  includes custom luxury homes, townhouses, condominiums, single family and patio homes. Conveniently located next to this lake community is Scottsdale Ranch Park, a 31 acre park that offers a variety of recreational activities.  Scottsdale Ranch waterfront neighborhoods include Lakeview and Bayview Estates, Las Brisas, Charter Point, The Landings, Monterey Point, Lake Serena Estates, The Watefront, and The Island. Continue reading “Scottsdale Ranch Waterfront Homes”