Does this Phoenix Residential Lake Allow Boating?


Determining if a Phoenix lake community allows boating

One of the most frequently asked questions I recieve is “Does this lake community allow boating?”  The second most frequent question is “How big is the lake?”  We’re going to answer both of these questions.  Previously, I’ve attempted to make a list of lakes where boating, kayaking, and canoeing are permitted and which lakes are larger and more conducive to boating.     I’m going to share some tools with you so that you can answer these questions.

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Lakeside Ski Village – Lot for sale

Two slalom course water ski lakes – A Skier’s Paradisesmooth-skiing-at-lakeside

Unless you  have very detailed directions, this ski lake subdivision is virtually hidden from public view.   From the pictures,  you’d never guess this well kept secret is in the state of Arizona. The peripheral barrier of  lush trees disguises what lies within, and helps create  glass like water conditions.   However, those who have heard of the Lakeside Turn and Burn, or the Lu Lus Big Dog Open know exactly where 21 property owners  enjoy almost limitless ski time on two side by side water ski lakes.

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