Does this Phoenix Residential Lake Allow Boating?

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Determining if a Phoenix lake community allows boating

One of the most frequently asked questions I recieve is “Does this lake community allow boating?”  The second most frequent question is “How big is the lake?”  We’re going to answer both of these questions.  Previously, I’ve attempted to make a list of lakes where boating, kayaking, and canoeing are permitted and which lakes are larger and more conducive to boating.     I’m going to share some tools with you so that you can answer these questions.

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Crystal Point Waterfront Ski Lake Custom Home For Sale

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For  Sale: Crystal Point Custom Ski Lake Home in Gilbert

When  it comes to luxury homes in a gated water ski community, this home is a step above the rest.  It is located in Crystal Point in Gilbert, just 20 minutes away from the airport in a ski lake community where 20 owners live lakeside and water ski from sun up till sun down.  This 5,435 square foot luxury custom home provides 165′ of lake frontage on one of the best ski lakes in Arizona.  Continue to see more pictures.

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Waterfront lots and land for sale in Phoenix area – Gilbert, Chandler,

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Waterfront land and lots in Phoenix

Sometimes a resale is just not what a waterfront home buyer is looking for. This leads to the question, “What waterfront lots are available?” There are two paths to go down.  Find a waterfront lot that allows a custom home or look for a newer lake community that still has lots available and find out  if the builder has any lakefront lots available to build one of their floor plans.

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The best Phoenix waterfront property search on the internet

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Not all Phoenix Waterfront Search Tools are created equal

Whenever you are able to search for homes, land or properties on a realtor website,  it is done through an IDX (Internet Data Exchange).  They all use the MLS listing as the source data.  However, they are not all presented or displayed in the same format. Each has its pros and cons.   After reviewing many IDX systems,  the search tool below is the best one I’ve seen.  The reasons and basic search procedures are listed below. Whether you’re looking for a waterfront home in Chandler or Gilbert, or a starter home in Mesa, this IDX property search will save you time and frustration.

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Boating in Phoenix Lake Communities

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Waterfront Homes and communities that allow boating

As with a search for any home, Phoenix area waterfront property buyers have their criteria that best describes their dream home.  When describing Phoenix real estate waterfront homes, there is an additional parameter that is often important; a lake that allows boats. Instead of going to a park, a waterfront home owner may decide to go “crusing” around the lake.   Some communities allow boats and some do not.  Most lake communities only allow pontoon boats that are powered by electric motors.  To enjoy a true motor boat ride you’ll have to choose from one of the six water ski communities in the valley.  Even if the community does allow boating, make sure and verify that the body of water to which you’ll have access is large enough for that occasional boat ride.
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Distressed Sales and Phoenix Water Ski Homes and Communities

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2010 Phoenix Water Ski Community Sales

In any given month, distressed sales (foreclosures,short sales, or trustee sales) account for over 50%  of the total sales in most all of the Phoenix valley cities.   Ski lake properties have been somewhat insulated from this type of transaction,  but during 2010 distressed sales have increased in these unique waterfront communities.  Three of the Phoenix ski communities had no recorded sales of any kind in 2010.  All sales during the year ocurred in Gilbert ski lake communities; Crystal Point, Santan Lakeside and Playa del Rey Estates.  33% of those were distressed sales.

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Pricey Monthly HOA Fees

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Sometimes you swear at them and sometimes you swear by them

Let’s face it, if you are considering purchasing a home in the Phoenix area; whether it be Avondale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, or Gold Canyon, you will have to come to terms about buying a home that is part of a Home Owners Association.   When a buyer purchases property that has an HOA, they  automatically agree to abide by the governing documents which are the CC&R’s; Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions.   While many CC&R’s are typically very boiler plate, it is a good idea to review them and make sure there are no hidden surprises.  Even better, talk to your future neighbors and inquire about their experience.

If you are looking to speak out against HOAs, you’ll have plenty of company because at times they do some pretty dumb stuff and deserve the criticism.  At the same time, attend any of the regularly scheduled meetings and see how many residents come to participate, offer suggestions and be involved.  That number is in the single digits and I’m estimating on the high side. If residents are concerned or upset, they should get involved, contribute, and help shape the neighborhood.   I’ve gotten a little upset over a couple of letters I received that I thought were unneccesary, but I also remember being thankful when a neighbor’s mother came to visit for a while in her aged travel trailer that was definitely an eye sore!  I’m glad they did the dirty work of letting the neighbhor know that is not allowed.  Like I said, sometime you swear at them and sometimes you swear by them. For a more legalistic viewpoint, here’s a link to a website explaining homeowner’s rights.

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Phoenix Area Water Ski Homes, Lots and Property Sales

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 Recent waterski lake property sales activity

A Phoenix water ski home or lot is a unique type of Arizona real estate.  Man made with one of Arizona’s most precious resources there are only 6  water ski communities in the valley.  Ready for some Phoenix water ski real estate trivia?  How many waterski homes / lots are there in Phoenix?  See the answer at the end of this post.  Right now we’re going to look at a recap of the activity and sales of homes and lots during 2009 and year to date in 2010.

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Santan Lakeside Estates – Bank owned lot for sale in Gilbert Ski Community

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West side of Santan LakesideNew REO lot comes on the market in Santan Lakeside Estates and sells in 1 month

Lot 17 on the west side of the ski lake at Santan Lakeside Estates just came on the market  the last week of February bringing the total lots for sale to 3. The other available lots are 3 and 17.   Many water ski enthusiasts and owners will be watching this specific  transaction as it will aid in determining the current market value of a Phoenix valley water ski lot.  So how did they set the list price for this ski lake lot at $340,000?  My opinon? You have to go back to 2009 when lot 13, previously a bank owned lot was initially listed for $480K.  After periodic price reductions that are consistent with bank owned property, the list price eventually reached $399K,  an offer for $340K was accepted and closed in August 2009.  When that is the only comparable sale, it makes sense to use it!  Getting back to lot 17;  a couple of early offers were received within days of  being listed, but considered too low by the bank.  Time will tell as the ski season approaches and the bank watches the days on market increase , and  periodically considers price reductions.  See sales update further down in article.

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Phoenix Az Water Ski Lakes and Water Quality

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Water Ski Lake Water Quality Level in Gilbert Az Ski Lake Communities

View of both lake Lakeside ski villagePhoenix area water ski homes and communities are attractive and unique because they offer residents an opportunity to enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding in their own backyard.  When buyers are considering water ski homes for sale, they should understand the added cost and maintenance involved with maintaining a ski lake since it has to operate at a higher “full body contact” level.  The maintenance and upkeep of the lake are extremely important and any neglect could cause health problems for those that use the lake.  This ongoing task will  most likely be contracted out to a company that specializes in monitoring and maintaining urban lakes including ski lakes.

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