Phoenix Az Water Ski Lakes and Water Quality

Water Ski Lake Water Quality Level in Gilbert Az Ski Lake Communities

View of both lake Lakeside ski villagePhoenix area water ski homes and communities are attractive and unique because they offer residents an opportunity to enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding in their own backyard.  When buyers are considering water ski homes for sale, they should understand the added cost and maintenance involved with maintaining a ski lake since it has to operate at a higher “full body contact” level.  The maintenance and upkeep of the lake are extremely important and any neglect could cause health problems for those that use the lake.  This ongoing task will  most likely be contracted out to a company that specializes in monitoring and maintaining urban lakes including ski lakes.

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Gilbert waterfront homes and lake communities

Waterfront homes in Gilbert are some of  the best in Phoenix

In your quest for Phoenix lake communities that have waterfront homes, any search would be incomplete if you didn’t consider the eight waterfront communities in Gilbert.  I’m not counting  subdivisions that have a community lake at the entrance or near the clubhouse.  These are communities in which some of the homes are on waterfront lots.  Specifically, these Gilbert waterfront lake communities are Val Vista Lakes, The Islands, Crystal Point, Santan Lakeside Estates, Playa del Rey,  Lago Estancia, Stonebridge Estates, and Wind Drift.


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Lakeside Ski Village – Lot for sale

Two slalom course water ski lakes – A Skier’s Paradisesmooth-skiing-at-lakeside

Unless you  have very detailed directions, this ski lake subdivision is virtually hidden from public view.   From the pictures,  you’d never guess this well kept secret is in the state of Arizona. The peripheral barrier of  lush trees disguises what lies within, and helps create  glass like water conditions.   However, those who have heard of the Lakeside Turn and Burn, or the Lu Lus Big Dog Open know exactly where 21 property owners  enjoy almost limitless ski time on two side by side water ski lakes.

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Exclusive water ski lot for sale in Crystal Point Estates

Water ski lot in Crystal Point Estates Luxury Lake Community


Here’s your chance to join this luxury lake community that has a passion for water skiing, with a waterfront lot offering 165 feet of lakefront on this tournament slalom water ski lake.   The ski lake measures approximately 2,250 ft in length and includes a ramp and turn arounds at each end.  This prime waterfront lot is perfect for someone searching for that perfect spot upon which to build their custom dreamhouse and be able to water ski at a moment’s notice.

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Phoenix water ski homes, land, property, and community update

cliff-in-front-of-house Phoenix Water ski lake communities overview

Instead of focusing exclusively on one water ski lake community,  let’s take a quick look at an overview of  lakes that allow water skiing and wake boarding in the Phoenix valley.  These are different from the majority of lake communities because the water has to be “full body contact” quality.  The HOA may also require the owner to become a member of the AWSA and the community ski club.  It may be the equivalent of taking a sleep aid pill, but read the CC&R’s so you’re not surprised when you learn you are required to carry $1,000,000 of  comprehensive personal liability insurance related to the lake and the activities thereon.

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Premium Playa del Rey waterski waterfront home for sale


Premium lakefront lot with boat house in Gilbert’s Playa del Rey Estates

This luxury home in gated Playa del Rey features 4,500 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 offices.  Access to surrounding amenities is superb with McQueen Park and Recreation Center essentially next door and the Kokopelli golf course within a 1/4 mile. The airport is an easy 20 minute drive away. Continue reading “Premium Playa del Rey waterski waterfront home for sale”

Santan Lakeside lot for sale in Gilbert

San Tan Lakeside waterski lot for sale

Currently the only lot for sale in Santan Lakeside Estates is lot 13 on the west side of the lake.  The bank has already approved the price on this short sale, $600,000.  Utilities are already at the property.  San tan Lakeside Estates is quickly becoming the premier tournament waterski lake in the valley.  Some of Gilbert’s most expensive homes are located in this waterski community.  Two other homes are under construction, both on the east side of the lake.

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Playa del Rey Waterski Lake Community Profile

Gilbert Waterfront Ski Homes

Playa del Rey Estates, one of the Phoenix area waterski communities has more ski lake homes than any other subdivision in Arizona.  With the recent completion of homes on the last two remaining lots, there are 34 waterfront homes on the ski lake.  Instead of traveling 45 minutes to Canyon Lake or Saguaro Lake to waterski, you can walk out your back door and be skiing in the time needed to hook up your boat to the SUV.  The entire subdivision has 125 homes which enjoy ski privileges on the lake via a community boat ramp for those not on the lake.

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Rankings of Phoenix Waterfront Homes and Communities Schools

How do schools near waterfront / lake communities rank?

The other day the Tribune featured an article that discussed the number of schools that attained each level of the Achievement Profile as reported by the Arizona Department of Educaton. That made me wonder how the schools that serve the Phoenix area waterfront homes and communities are ranked.  I should have stopped at that point since that simple question led to hours worth of searching, copying, pasting and creating hyperlinks.  The best way to answer the question was to go the Arizona Department of Education website and find the rankings for each elementary school and the corresponding community.  The page School Report Card page is invaluable with the amount of information it contains. Unfortunately, 2007 is the last year for which it will be available.  Starting in 2008, the format is greatly condensed and I believe does not have as much information.  If you want to how the Jr. High and High Schools rank for a specific neighborhood, just e-mail or hopefully you’ll have visited the department’s website and learned how to use this useful tool.  I’m also convinced that what follows is the most complete list of waterfront / lakefront homes and communities for the Phoenix area by city.

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