Gilbert favorite places to eat – Liberty Market & Restaurant

New edition to Gilbert Downtown Eateries

Downtown Gilbert is home to a new restaurant that opened October 14, 2008 and is quickly becoming a popular addition to the neighborhood.  The Libery Market joins the likes of Joe’s Real Barbeque, Oregano’s, and the Farmhouse restaurant.   Keirsten Traina, who along with her husband David, are co-owners with Joe and Cindy Johnston greeted my impromptu visit with all the energy and pride you expect from someone who is passionate about her business.  It is no surprise that it was named one of the Top 10 places to eat in 2008.  Julie, one of the friendly staff members was eager to educate me why The Liberty Market and Restaurant is special.  Liberty Market is close to waterfront communities including The Islands, Stonebridge Lakes, Lago Estancia, and Val Vista Lakes. The owners have done a great job of preserving the original architecture of the building that was constructed in 1936.

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