Pinal county title fraud alert

Pinal title fraudPrevent Title Fraud – Pinal County

There are all kinds of fraud in our society today. Another one to be added to the list is title fraud.  Unfortunately, it can be done without a property owner even knowing that it has taken place.  Also disturing is the fact that many victims of this crime know the perpetrator.   Within the last 12 months, Pinal County has implemented a system that can alert  property owners of potential title fraud against their property.

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Phoenix Real Estate Market Update

WReal Estate Markethat happened in real estate this year?

This year has been like the last couple of years in the Phoenix real estate market, loaded with change.  That’s the only constant.  We need to look at the 2023 Phoenix real estate market update YTD.  In particular, we are dealing with the effects of higher mortgage interest rates.  This has affected both buyers and sellers.  What about the housing crash that some forecasted at the first of the  year.  Did that come to pass? What happened with prices this year?

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The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado – Lake Community

The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado

The Lakes at Rancho El DoradoThe Lakes at Rancho El Dorado is a 575 acre lake community in the city of Maricopa in Pinal county with a variety of floor plans from many different builders.  Boating is allowed on the lake for non-motorized watercraft.  A new  8 acre park with two little league ball fields is under construction within the community boundaries.  For more information, see below.

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Title Fraud Alert for Maricopa

Tool to avoid title fraud

The Maricopa county recorder recently rolled out a tool to help homeowners avoid title fraud.  It has been on the rise and can be financially devasting to a homeowner. This title fraud alert tool notifies homeowners when a document is being recorded that has their name or the name of the business or trust.  Instead of finding out months or years after the illegal act property owners can be notified almost immediately.

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Supreme Court Ruling – Home Equity Theft

Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Ruling

On May 25, 2023 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Tyler vs. Hennepin County case. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Hennepin County violated the 5th Amendment Takings Clause when it confiscated, sold and kept the entire amount of the sale. The $25,000 of Ms. Tyler’s equity was kept by the goverment when it was sold.

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Best Residential Boating Communities

Boat Friendly Lake Communities in Phoenix

Some potential home owners want to look at something besides a block wall when they’re in their backyard. That’s where waterfront properties in Phoenix residential boating communities become very appealing.  Then there are those that ask, “Does this lake allow boating?” This leads to another set of questions. For example, some lake communities don’t allow any type of watercraft or boats, and some only allow canoes or kayaks.  Which ones allow electric pontoon boats?  If you want to learn more about boat friendly lake communities in Phoenix, keep reading.

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Questions for your lender

Critical questions for the lender

Once you’ve uploaded and sent all the documents that your lender has asked for, it’s your turn to ask the questions.  How do you know the lender or loan officer has chosen the best loan program for you? Have they shared the closing costs that you’ll need in addition to the down payment?   You need to make sure the lender explains some key issues when it comes to getting prequalified.  Continue reading to learn more about the important topics you need to be discussing with  your lender.

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2022 Real Estate Market Review

2022 Phoenix Real Estate Market UpdateMortgage rates and applications

The Phoenix real estate market in 2022 was quite a ride! Appreciation in the first half of the year was followed by falling prices in the last 6 months. The result was that prices at the end of the year were roughly where they began at the first of the year.  What happens in 2023 is the speculation that real estate pundits, commentators, and Youtube channels love to embrace.  There is no lack of opinions on this subject.

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