Serenity Shores Condos at Fulton Ranch Lake Community

Fulton Ranch Condos  at Serenity Shores in Chandler

Serenity Shores is one of two Cachet developments in Chandler’s lake community, Fulton Ranch.  Originally, 185 units were planned, but trying to build out during 2006 – 2008 as the market was falling proved to be an over-whelming task.  Currently, 56 units are complete.  Sales have improved in 2010 with 11 sales year to date and three currently pending.   The  remaining land was taken back by the lender in April 2010 as well as the unsold units.  Once the remaining spec units are solds, sales in Serenity Shores will be resales.

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Scorpions in Arizona – Most everything you wanted to know and some things you didn’t!

Scorpions in Phoenix – Our Desert Companion

If you live in Phoenix or are thinking about moving to Phoenix, you’ll have to come to terms that we share the desert with these anthropods that are reported to have been around for millions of years! The bark scorpion, the most notorious because it is the most venomous, measures 1 – 2 inches and like most scorpions is relatively inactive during the day.  Most stings occur at night during the warm summer months.  Scorpions are nocturnal, predatory creatures that feed on a variety of spiders, insects, centipedes, and other scorpions. To set your mind at ease, according  the University of Arizona, there have been no reported deaths in the U.S. due to scorpion stings. Read on to find out how to minimize contact with our infamous desert mascots.

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Phoenix Short Sale Questions Answered

Questions Remain As Short Sales Become a Bigger Share of Home Sales in Phoenix

Short sales, once almost unknown, have become a significant part of the real estate jargon in Phoenix Az.  Short sales remain one of the most misunderstood real estate transactions inspite of their increasing numbers.  There are many aspects and implications a seller must understand reinforcing the need to seek competent legal and tax advice.  First of all, let’s define an Arizona short sale.  A short sale is when the lender/investor is willing to authorize the sale when the proceeds do not cover the outstanding loan amount. What are the issues to be considered by Phoenix valley homeowners regarding a short sale?

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