July 2011

Keys to a successful Phoenix short sale listing

Short sales are a major part of the Phoenix real estate landscape Short sales continue to be a significant portion of real estate sales in the Phoenix Az valley.  And they affect each city to varying degrees.  For example, short sales in Sun Lakes were  12% of the total sales in June 2011, while in El

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Dust storm engulfs Phoenix

Summer Haboob strikes on July 5th It had its origin in Tucson then progressed northward to Phoenix.  The “haboob” arrived in Phoenix late afternoon with winds in excess of 50 mph and a vertical height of 5,000 to 6,000 ft.    The picture to the left was taken at the National Weather Service Phoenix office.  The storm

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Superstition Springs In Mesa Residential Lake Community

Waterfront Homes in Superstition Springs in Mesa This Mesa lake community is a hidden treasure among lake communities in the Phoenix area.  First of all, Mesa doesn’t have a lot of lake communities or waterfront communities, so potential buyers may not think to look in Mesa.   Secondly, it has less than  70 waterfront lot homes,

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