Bringing a room to life!

 Choosing the right color scheme

To begin with, many thanks go to Laura Owens of Renewed Spaces for providing this post.  This kind of expertise is out of my universe.  However, it is valuable for someone who has just purchased a home and is looking for decorating  ideas.

Having a hard time picking a color scheme?  Look around. Anything can act as a color and design inspiration for your room.  A favorite paining (to the right), photo, note card, piece of pottery, a textile or piece of clothing can provide the color pallet for your room.  Anything that captures your attention and that you connect with on some visceral level can be your inspiration.

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Downtown Historic Gilbert: The Heritage District

Historic Downtown Gilbert

The Heritage District encompasses 0.3 square miles (192 acres) of downtown Gilbert. The vision for the downtown Heritage District is a family-friendly, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use development.  This is supported by the Redevelopment Plan and the Heritage District Design Guidelines. Here’s a look at what has happened in downtown Gilbert.

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Phoenix Shadow Inventory Real Estate Numbers

Just because they print it does it make it true?

Congratulations Miami, the 2011 NBA champions! – NOT.  Here it is in print from a Florida newspaper.  I guess they never got the memo or checked the score board.  Just because it gets printed or makes its way onto the internet, does that make it true?  That’s the same way I feel about Phoenix area shadow inventory.  Some of the confusion lies in the definition of shadow inventory.  Obviously,  shadow inventory includes properties that have gone back to the lender but are not on the market.  Some also consider homes that have received a Notice of Trustee Sale with a scheduled auction date.  Some add to those numbers loans that are seriously delinquent which is 90+ days behind.  As you can see, the definition will affect the level of shadow inventory cited by the various experts. There’s also the issue that real estate is local and national commentaries cannot be relevant to individual markets?  Many have stated that shadow inventory is out of control and will contribute to a foreclosure Tsunami.  Now let’s get the facts for the Phoenix area.

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