Downtown Historic Gilbert: The Heritage District

Historic Downtown Gilbert

The Heritage District encompasses 0.3 square miles (192 acres) of downtown Gilbert. The vision for the downtown Heritage District is a family-friendly, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use development.  This is supported by the Redevelopment Plan and the Heritage District Design Guidelines. Here’s a look at what has happened in downtown Gilbert.

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Things to do in Gilbert, Az.

 Gilbert – A popular east valley community

Gilbert is known for many things.  A safe community with a family friendly atmosphere.  A  great place to raise children with a high quality of life.  A growing community with  highly rated schools.  Good freeway access to Phoenix and surrounding areas.  Affordable homes including waterfront and lake communities and award winning hospitals.   All in all, Gilbert is one of the most desireable towns in the Phoenix valley.   For a sample of some of the things that make Gilbert such a popluar community, read on.

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The Farmhouse Restaurant in Downtown Gilbert

Heritage District Restaurant in Downtown Gilbert

Nestled in the historic district of downtown Gilbert, serving breakfast and lunch from 6 am. – 2 p.m. is the Farmhouse Restaurant at  228 N. Gilbert Rd.  It is one of many very successful restaurants in downtown Gilbert. 

Map view of the Farmhouse Restaurant

The Farmhouse Restaurant has been the recipient of various  awards for the “Best Breakfast” for many years.   Originally, located south of the current location, the owners, a mother and daughter team purchased the historic building  and moved from the original location 2 miles  further south on Gilbert Rd.

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Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Az. – Unhealthy by design

This is NOT your typical hamburger place!

 It was quite the irony today.  I knew I wanted to visit the Heart Attack Grill  since I’ve never been there before and have read a lot about it online.  And I’m always looking for good content for my blog.  My wife  was supportive and up for something new and on the way brought along the special health issue of AZ Get Healthly.   On the way she was  reading aloud  inspiring stories of healthly people and articles such as “20 foods you should be eating”. But here I am dragging her off to a restaurant that right on the front door states “This establishment is bad for your health” and boasts that their fries are deep fried in pure lard.  I hope she forgives me!

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Joe’s Real BBQ – Popular Gilbert Restaurant

Best of Phoenix Eating and Unique AtmosphereJoe's Front Entrance

Where do you go to find a unique local restarant that serves award winning BBQ?  Head south on Gilbert Rd. to Joe’s Real BBQ in the historic section of Gilbert.  Joe’s opened for business in January 1998 and has been satisfying cravings for barbeque brisket, pulled pork, pit ham, pork ribs, chicken and turkey breast ever since.  The food is award winning and you’ll also appreciate the old-style atmosphere that is one of a kind.  Where else will you find a  1948 John Deere tractor in the middle of the dining area?  The New Times awarded Joe’s the Best of Phoenix for Old-Fashioned Charm. If you are into sauces, you  have your choice of spicy, or “we dare you” hot which uses habanero peppers to turn up the heat.   My favorite lunch time meal is the BBQ sampler with over 3/4 lb. of ribs, chicken, pork and beef.  Most plates are in the $8 – $12 range.  Joe’s also features a comfortable and large outdoor dining area. 

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SanTan Village – Regional Outdoor Shopping Mall in Gilbert


Regional outdoor shopping mall in Gilbert

San Tan Village celebrated its newest addition yesterday with the grand opening of Macy’s.  San Tan Village located at Williams Field and the Santan 202 freeway is comprised of two sections; the shopping center and the urban village.  For a layout of both click on San Tan Village Shopping Center layout.   The list of stores is almost endless as seen in the Story Directory  The layout of the the urban village is nothing new, but the uncommon outdoor layout for the shopping center is a unique twist, especially for Phoenix when  outdoors in the summer is synonymous  with 110 degree days.  That misting system better work! Continue reading “SanTan Village – Regional Outdoor Shopping Mall in Gilbert”

Gilbert favorite places to eat – Liberty Market & Restaurant

New edition to Gilbert Downtown Eateries

Downtown Gilbert is home to a new restaurant that opened October 14, 2008 and is quickly becoming a popular addition to the neighborhood.  The Libery Market joins the likes of Joe’s Real Barbeque, Oregano’s, and the Farmhouse restaurant.   Keirsten Traina, who along with her husband David, are co-owners with Joe and Cindy Johnston greeted my impromptu visit with all the energy and pride you expect from someone who is passionate about her business.  It is no surprise that it was named one of the Top 10 places to eat in 2008.  Julie, one of the friendly staff members was eager to educate me why The Liberty Market and Restaurant is special.  Liberty Market is close to waterfront communities including The Islands, Stonebridge Lakes, Lago Estancia, and Val Vista Lakes. The owners have done a great job of preserving the original architecture of the building that was constructed in 1936.

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