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How has Phoenix Real Estate started in 2013?

Phoenix Area Real Estate Review The Phoenix area real estate market was good to home owners in 2012.  It was the first year of appreciation since 2005. Buyers frequently found themselves frustrated by the competion for homes  especially those under $200K where there is an abundance of first time home buyers and investor demand.  After a robust year in 2012, how

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Phoenix 2012 Real Estate Review

A Look  Back at 2012 for Phoenix Real Estate The year in review of 2012 for homeowners was an encouraging one to be sure. 2011 was essentially a flat line, and there has not been any appreciation in home prices since 2005. Therefore, the 12 – 29% increase experienced in nearly all Phoenix metropolitan cities in 2012

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Phoenix area distressed sales in 2012 compared to 2011

Distressed Sales – What a year has done. Last year buyers enjoyed a real estate buffet that served a combination of foreclosures/REO’s, short sales, or normal/traditional sales at historically low prices.  The inital buyer consultation included an explanation of the in’s and out’s of each.  Frustrated sellers knew they were competing with distressed sale pricing as they

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Phoenix Shadow Inventory Real Estate Numbers

Just because they print it does it make it true? Congratulations Miami, the 2011 NBA champions! – NOT.  Here it is in print from a Florida newspaper.  I guess they never got the memo or checked the score board.  Just because it gets printed or makes its way onto the internet, does that make it true?  That’s

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Keys to a successful Phoenix short sale listing

Short sales are a major part of the Phoenix real estate landscape Short sales continue to be a significant portion of real estate sales in the Phoenix Az valley.  And they affect each city to varying degrees.  For example, short sales in Sun Lakes were  12% of the total sales in June 2011, while in El

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In search of happily ever after with an Arizona short sale!

Will Your Short Sale Last? Contract acceptance is the honeymoon… everyone anticipates a happy ending, then real life sets in. As in real life not all marriages survive, neither do all accepted short sale offers!   Its like dating a beauty queen or the all-star quarterback. It’s love at first sight and WOW that list price

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Phoenix Short Sale Questions Answered

Questions Remain As Short Sales Become a Bigger Share of Home Sales in Phoenix Short sales, once almost unknown, have become a significant part of the real estate jargon in Phoenix Az.  Short sales remain one of the most misunderstood real estate transactions inspite of their increasing numbers.  There are many aspects and implications a seller must understand reinforcing

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Know This Before You Write A Short Sale Offer!

Are you ready for what lies ahead on the Short Sale Path? One of the most confusing and frustrating types of real estate sales is the short sale transaction.   Having helped  owners that have a financial hardship and negative equity sell their home and also assisted  buyers in the purchase of short sales, I felt it

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