Moving to Phoenix [Things to Know]

Things to Know When Moving to Phoenix Arizona Arizona consistently ranks high for states that receive many new residents relocating from other states.  I relocated almost 25 years ago and suddenly finding myself in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US, There was a lot to get use to.  Here are some things

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Arizona Monsoon Thunderstorms

What is a Monsoon? Mention the word “monsoon” to a Phoenix resident, and memories of heavy localized rain, wind gusts, power outages, flash floods and dust storms quickly come to mind.  While most residents primarily think of a thunder storm, the monsoon season is more tied to wind shift rather than precipitation. The term “monsoon” comes from the

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Charter Schools in Arizona

Charter schools provide an alternative to traditional public schools One of the many, but very important items on the checklist of things to do for a family relocating to the Phoenix area is researching schools.  Which school is the best school in the area we want to live? Which district is the best? Do they have extra-curricular activities?

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What Canadians buying in Arizona should know

Important considerations when buying in Arizona As home prices have declined in Arizona, the goal of many Canadian citizens of owning a home in the U.S.  has become a reality.  Instead of shoveling snow and battling freezing temperatures, Canadian second home owners can be dealing with other issues such as which golf course should I play

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Things to do in Gilbert, Az.

 Gilbert – A popular east valley community Gilbert is known for many things.  A safe community with a family friendly atmosphere.  A  great place to raise children with a high quality of life.  A growing community with  highly rated schools.  Good freeway access to Phoenix and surrounding areas.  Affordable homes including waterfront and lake communities and

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Gilbert Scores High As A Safe Community

Town of Gilbert Is Safest Community In Arizona, According to Data According to CQ Press, an independent publisher, Gilbert is among the safest cities in the United States, 24th among cities with over 75,000. For municipalities in Arizona, Gilbert ranks as the safest community.  The analysis used crime and population data as reported to the

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Gilbert waterfront homes and lake communities

Waterfront homes in Gilbert are some of  the best in Phoenix In your quest for Phoenix lake communities that have waterfront homes, any search would be incomplete if you didn’t consider the eight waterfront communities in Gilbert.  I’m not counting  subdivisions that have a community lake at the entrance or near the clubhouse.  These are

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Water in the Desert – Phoenix water supply

The next time you turn on the faucet or take a shower, take time to realize that you live in a desert where the average rainfall in the Phoenix valley is less than 9 inches/year but  the average person uses 150 gallons of water PER day.  So how do we satisfy our “thirst” for water

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Phoenix Real Estate Buyers Market?

Days On Market by Price Range and Pending Sales for Phoenix Real Estate The media continues to publish at every chance the woes of the housing industry; mortgage meltdown, rising foreclosures, negative equity and short sales, builders declaring bankruptcy, rising unemployment, etc.  These are valid concerns and I see them taking their toll everyday.  But

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