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Things to Know When Moving to Phoenix Arizona

Arizona consistently ranks high for states that receive many new residents relocating from other states.  I relocated almost 25 years ago and suddenly finding myself in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US, There was a lot to get use to.  Here are some things that those moving to Phoenix should know.

The Pros and Cons of Relocating to Phoenix

Like any city there are advantages and disadvantages. Like I tell people from the east coast regarding the weather, “You have to pick your poison”. That may sound uncaring or harsh but while the summers are hot, very hot at least you don’t have to worry about -40 degrees during the winter with icy roads and getting frostbite. The following video will provide some pros and cons of the Phoenix valley.

Lake Pleasent


As the temperatures begin to subside in September and October, the valley comes alive with outdoor activities and events.  The Rock and Roll Marathon, the Renaissance Festival and Country Thunder are just a few of many. Yes, there are four months where patience is required but come October and you’ll love the Arizona winter. One popular summer activity is boating in one of the many reservoirs. This is one way to beat the heat.

If you’re into sports, Phoenix has you covered. The city is among a handful of cities nationwide that offers a full range of professional sports teams and major events.

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Surprisingly, your chances of meeting someone who is from the same state or city as you come from are quite high since only 23% of adults living in Arizona are from Arizona.

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