Moving to Phoenix [Things to Know]

Things to Know When Moving to Phoenix Arizona Arizona consistently ranks high for states that receive many new residents relocating from other states.  I relocated almost 25 years ago and suddenly finding myself in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US, There was a lot to get use to.  Here are some things

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The Monsoon Season in Phoenix

Arizona Summer Thunderstorm Season is know as Monsoon The beginning of July, the monsoon made its entrance. The monsoon brings with it high winds, dust and down pours which can result in flash flooding. When I first arrived in Arizona, I asked why a summer rain storm is called a monsoon storm.  The answer I received was that the

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Whose wall is it anyway? Every Phoenix homeowner should know.

Or you can wait for a Phoenix Monsoon storm to find out! The recent string of Monsoon storms has demonstrated the power of mother nature and the destructive effects of high winds that accompany those storms. The result of the Monsoon storm that came through Phoenix on the last day of August left over 55,000 residents without power,

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Arizona Monsoon Thunderstorms

What is a Monsoon? Mention the word “monsoon” to a Phoenix resident, and memories of heavy localized rain, wind gusts, power outages, flash floods and dust storms quickly come to mind.  While most residents primarily think of a thunder storm, the monsoon season is more tied to wind shift rather than precipitation. The term “monsoon” comes from the

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Dust storm engulfs Phoenix

Summer Haboob strikes on July 5th It had its origin in Tucson then progressed northward to Phoenix.  The “haboob” arrived in Phoenix late afternoon with winds in excess of 50 mph and a vertical height of 5,000 to 6,000 ft.    The picture to the left was taken at the National Weather Service Phoenix office.  The storm

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When It Does Rain in Phoenix It Can Rain!

Severe thunderstorms bring needed rain but cause flooding It  is almost pointless to talk to someone in July when the temperature is 110 degrees about what happens in Phoenix when it rains. You want to point out how planned communities have drainage plans and retention basins, etc.   The situation in the summer  may be that no precipitation has been

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