Chandler Az Waterfront Homes and Lake Communities

Chandler boasts more lake communities than any city in the Phoenix valley

If you count the individual Chandler waterfront communities, you’ll easily be in excess of 25 Chandler lake communities.  Many of them are part of the overall Ocotillo Community Association.  Many of these are well know Ocotillo lake communities such as Balboa Point, Embarcadero, Cantabria Shores, Bridges at Ocotillo The Vista at Ocotillo, The Penisula, and Crown Point.  This post will give anyone interested in Chandler waterfront homes a good overview of the available options.

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Pricey Monthly HOA Fees

Sometimes you swear at them and sometimes you swear by them

Let’s face it, if you are considering purchasing a home in the Phoenix area; whether it be Avondale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, or Gold Canyon, you will have to come to terms about buying a home that is part of a Home Owners Association.   When a buyer purchases property that has an HOA, they  automatically agree to abide by the governing documents which are the CC&R’s; Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions.   While many CC&R’s are typically very boiler plate, it is a good idea to review them and make sure there are no hidden surprises.  Even better, talk to your future neighbors and inquire about their experience.

If you are looking to speak out against HOAs, you’ll have plenty of company because at times they do some pretty dumb stuff and deserve the criticism.  At the same time, attend any of the regularly scheduled meetings and see how many residents come to participate, offer suggestions and be involved.  That number is in the single digits and I’m estimating on the high side. If residents are concerned or upset, they should get involved, contribute, and help shape the neighborhood.   I’ve gotten a little upset over a couple of letters I received that I thought were unneccesary, but I also remember being thankful when a neighbor’s mother came to visit for a while in her aged travel trailer that was definitely an eye sore!  I’m glad they did the dirty work of letting the neighbhor know that is not allowed.  Like I said, sometime you swear at them and sometimes you swear by them. For a more legalistic viewpoint, here’s a link to a website explaining homeowner’s rights.

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Chandler Waterfront Homes at Watermark at Ocotillo

 Newer Ocotillo Chandler Lake Community

The Watermark at Ocotillo joins other Ocotillo master planned communities such as Monterey Bay, Cottonwood Springs, Cantabria Shores and other highly regarded Chandler neighborhoods as part of the desireable Ocotillo waterfront communities.   Those who work at Intel and other high tech companies will cherish the close proximity and almost non-existent commute.   A little over 3 miles away is the 202 freeway offering easy access to the rest of the Phoenix valley, with the Chandler Fashion Mall less than 5 miles from the Watermark at Ocotillo waterfront community.  Homes in Watermark at Ocotillo range in size from 2,600 to 4,400 sq.ft. and 20 lakefront homes.

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Tempe town lake waterfront condos with lake views at Edgewater

 Edgewater Waterfront Condos at Hayden Ferry Lakeside

 The first Hayden Ferry Lakeside waterfront condo tower was Edgewater with 40 units that sold out in 2006.  It was rare to see a sale price less than$500K. Now a sale price over $500K would be equally surprising.  Sold near the height of the real estate peak, prices are resetting through foreclosures and short sales, or the rare instance where the owner has enough equity and is willing to list at market value.  A good example is a recently listed 1,650 sq.ft. 3rd floor bank owned condo that originally sold for $625,000 in June of 2006.  It is now listed at $282,900,  or 45% of the orginal sales price. 

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Not all Phoenix suburbs are recovering the same


Phoenix area cities have different recovery patterns

The graph to the left shows the the monthly price per square foot of sales for the last 10 years for Gilbert and Chandler.  A good opportunity to see where we are compared to pre-bubble sales activity.   The twin cities of Gibert and Chandler have similar trends for the last 10 years.   Current price per square foot is similar to 1993 levels.  Do other Phoenix area cities have similar patterns?

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Phoenix Area Water Ski Homes, Lots and Property Sales

 Recent waterski lake property sales activity

A Phoenix water ski home or lot is a unique type of Arizona real estate.  Man made with one of Arizona’s most precious resources there are only 6  water ski communities in the valley.  Ready for some Phoenix water ski real estate trivia?  How many waterski homes / lots are there in Phoenix?  See the answer at the end of this post.  Right now we’re going to look at a recap of the activity and sales of homes and lots during 2009 and year to date in 2010.

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Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Az. – Unhealthy by design

This is NOT your typical hamburger place!

 It was quite the irony today.  I knew I wanted to visit the Heart Attack Grill  since I’ve never been there before and have read a lot about it online.  And I’m always looking for good content for my blog.  My wife  was supportive and up for something new and on the way brought along the special health issue of AZ Get Healthly.   On the way she was  reading aloud  inspiring stories of healthly people and articles such as “20 foods you should be eating”. But here I am dragging her off to a restaurant that right on the front door states “This establishment is bad for your health” and boasts that their fries are deep fried in pure lard.  I hope she forgives me!

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