Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Az. – Unhealthy by design

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This is NOT your typical hamburger place!

 It was quite the irony today.  I knew I wanted to visit the Heart Attack Grill  since I’ve never been there before and have read a lot about it online.  And I’m always looking for good content for my blog.  My wife  was supportive and up for something new and on the way brought along the special health issue of AZ Get Healthly.   On the way she was  reading aloud  inspiring stories of healthly people and articles such as “20 foods you should be eating”. But here I am dragging her off to a restaurant that right on the front door states “This establishment is bad for your health” and boasts that their fries are deep fried in pure lard.  I hope she forgives me!

Hospital gowns, bypass burgers and flatliner fries

You have to admire the Heart Attack Grill for being true to their brand in this health conscious culture.  They do not offer any diet drinks and all hamburgers come with a patty of cheese, and unlimited french fries fried in lard.  I was afraid I would have a heart attack just reading about the menu.  When you walk in you are greeted by a waitress in a nurse uniform and clothed in a hospital gown and given a wrist band that says “I had a BYPASS at the HEART ATTACK GRILL”.   If you weigh over 350 lbs. you eat for free.  You don’t feel too stupid because everyone else is waling around in a gown. This is not your typical burger place. You’ll never ever visit anything like it any place else.

Location of Heart Attack Grill

I must admit that I went back more than once for fries while we were waiting for our hamburgers, single bypass of course.   I was also watching the cooks to see if anyone was brave enough to order the quadruple bypass burger so I could take a picture, but no luck.   As you can tell by my repeated trips, I liked the fries even though I kept thinking “This is soooooo unhealthy.”   The hamburger was also very good and at the end I almost fell into a guilt ridden stupor of thought about how many minutes I need to be on the treadmill to redeem myself of this impulsive indulgence.

If you have visited the Heart Attack Grill, feel free to share your thoughts.

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