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 Recent waterski lake property sales activity

A Phoenix water ski home or lot is a unique type of Arizona real estate.  Man made with one of Arizona’s most precious resources there are only 6  water ski communities in the valley.  Ready for some Phoenix water ski real estate trivia?  How many waterski homes / lots are there in Phoenix?  See the answer at the end of this post.  Right now we’re going to look at a recap of the activity and sales of homes and lots during 2009 and year to date in 2010.

Sales Recap for 2009 and 2010 year-to-date

Lot sales of water ski property during the last 16 monts occured in four communities; Santan Lakeside, Lakeside Ski Village, Spring Mountain and Buchli lake.  Two of them were bank owned/REO.  In the west valley,  3 Spring Mountain Ski Ranch lots transferred ownership.  One of them in Spring Mountain Ski Ranch was a bank owned property that sold for $100K in April 2009.   Just down the road in Lakeside Ski Village,  there was 1  lot transfer at the end of of 2009 for an undisclosed amount.

Lots for sale in Spring Mountain Ski Ranch

Water Ski Lake Homes for sale in Lakeside Ski Village

In the east valley ski communities,  Santan Lakeside Estate and Buchli Lake each had lot sales.   The Santan Lakeside Estates lot 17, sold for $312,500 in March of 2010.   Further east, in the Queen Creek area at Buchli Lake, 1 lot sold for $250K in July of 2009.

Lots for sale in Santan Lakeside Estates

Homes sales in Phoenix valley Waterski lake communities

Two of the three water ski waterfront home sales were distressed property sales; one bank-owned and a short sale.   There was one sale each in Crystal Point, Playa del Rey Estates, and Santan Lakeside Estates.  In April, 2009, a waterfront short sale property in Playa del Rey Estates with 5,410 sq.ft built in 2006 sold for $750,000.   In November, 2009 , a 3,366 sq.ft. home in Crystal Point sold as a traditional sale for $1,000,000 to an out of town buyer.  The bank owned waterfront ski lake home  in Santan Lakeside Estates sold in November of 2009 for $1,010,000. It was 6,875 sq.ft. with a garage space for 6 cars.

Homes for Sale in Cystal Point

Playa del Rey Estates Homes for Sale

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Water ski real estate trivia answer: There are 171 water ski waterfront homesites in the Phoenix area.

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