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A well known gathering place for watersport enthusiasts living in the north Scottsdale area is Bartlett Lake.  From communities such as Desert Mountain, Boulder Heights, Treviso, Mirabel and others, just 14 miles away is one of the valley’s favorite lakes for those who have a passion for fishing, boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding and hydrofoiling. Bartlett Lake has a surface area larger than Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake combined, over 2800 acres, and is open year round. Since Scottsdale does not have any private waterski lakes, an ideal strategy for those who would crave the waterskiing, wakeboarding and hydrofoiling is to find a north Scottsdale home that has adequate garage space or a dedicated RV garage that will accomodate a boat then make the short 14 miles drive when you want to enjoy the H20.

Finding a garage that will accomodate a 26′ ski boat can be a challenge.  Very few Scottsdale homes have tandem garages or a garage depth more than 21 feet.  What is considered “extended length” in the MLS is not sufficient. Equally rare are attached RV garages.  If you need any help in locating Scottsdale homes with oversized garages that will fit your boat, let me know.

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A friend of mine that is an avid hyrdofoil enthusiast commented that if he had to pick the best lake in the Phoenix area for his air chair / hydrofoil activity, his choice would be Bartlett lake because it is not as crowded  or windy as many other lakes.

Please leave a comment of how you think Bartlett lake compares to other lakes in the area.

Satellite view of Bartlett Lake

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