Waterfront property rocks – especially when you’re on vacation

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A True Waterfront Community

My wife and I had the opportunity of a lifetime a couple of weeks ago to travel in Europe (Thanks mom and dad)!  One of the cities that really impressed us, maybe because of the spectacular setting on the Adriatic Sea was the waterfront city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia. It has a rich history which is due mainly to its maritime influence and trade.  One of the first things you notice is a wall that surrounds the old city of Dubrovnik with a series of turrets and towers that were used to protect the city.







 The old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some interesting facts about the city date back to the early 13th century when they enacted planning guidelines for the city as well establishing public institutions.  Dubrovnik is credited with the first pharmacy which opened in 1317 and is still in operation today. An town orphanage was opened in 1432.  A 20 kilometer water supply system was constructed in 1436.  And medical service was introduced in 1301.







 Just trying to understand its long history, (I though American history was a lot to remember!). you can see the continual change the city has endured.  As recently as 1991 when Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia, the city was attacked in what is called the seige of Dubrovnik which lasted 7 months. You can see these videos of this on YouTube.







 Despite earthquakes, changing governments/rulers and wars, the town has been restored to much of the original architecture. Our visit was quite the learning experience since the only thing I really knew about the country was that the former Suns and Utah Jazz basketball player Goran Girachek was from Croatia.  By the way,if you think homes are expensive in the US,  don’t even think about picking up a second home in Europe!

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