Phoenix area lake communities with a community pool

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Waterfront communities with a community pool

Let’s face it, it can be nearly an impossible task to live in Arizona and not grave the relief that a private pool in your backyard can offer.  When it’s 110 degrees outside, you will be convinced it is a must-have.  Even when your Phoenix home is a second or vacation home used mainly during the winter months, pools are an attractive addition to any backyard.  But there may be reasons why you should forgo that luxury and let your community HOA manage that responsibility.

Residential lake communities that offer community pools

It is surprising to many there are not more single family communities in the Phoenix valley with community pools. They are typically  found in larger master planned communities where the cost can be spread out over hundreds of homes.  Given that Phoenix area lake communities or subdivisions are somewhat rare, when you look for those with a community pool, the list narrows down significantly. Some of the more well known single family residential lake communities with a community pool are  Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, The Springs in Chandler,  Power Ranch, Pecos Ranch, Province in Maricopa,  Ventana Lakes in Peoria, Sun Lakes, and Desert Harbor .   It is almost a given that townhouse and condo developments will have a community pool.  Lake communities that fall into that category include   Cantabria Shores in Ocotillo, Crescent Falls in Fulton Ranch,Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Las Palomas at McCormick Ranch, Bridgeview at Hayden Lakeside,  among others.

If you plan on making this a second home to be enjoyed as an escape from mid-western snow storms or blankets of Canadian snow, then you’ll probably be here when most outdoor pools are rarely used.  In that case, a private backyard pool can be an expensive backyard landscaping fixture.  And most unheated community pools receive a break from the crowds during the off-season. If you’re looking for year round aquatic enjoyment, your best bet finding it will be in a townhouse or condo community with a heated pool. Make sure that during the inspection period you confirm if the community pool is heated and the months of the year it is open.

Forgoing the luxury of a 400 sq.ft. private backyard pool for a community pool may be a trade-off that suits a part time resident or even a full time owner occupant that does want the headache of caring for a body of water that will eventually only see occassional use.  Many 55+ communities also feature indoor heated pools and spas.

Single family homes with a community pool

Waterfront Condos/townhouses with a community pool

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