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Home Insurance Facts That Should Not Be Overlooked

A home buyer has found his/her dream home and is making plans to move in in a few short weeks.  But how well is their most expensive purchase to date protected?  With the never ending list of things to get completed before the close of escrow, making sure insurance is in place so the lender can receive the declaration of insurance page before going to underwriting is just one more item to get done .  So you want your insurance agent to get this off your plate as soon as possible.  However, it will be worth your time to have details discussion with your agent to make sure your home is properly insured.  Here are some important decisions regarding home insurance that should be considered. 

Replacement Cost is key

All homes should be insured for the replacement cost which is not market or appraised value.  The market value takes into account location, neighborhood desirability, condition of the home, etc. Replacement cost is what it costs to replace the house regardless of location.  Think of it this way; the exact same home built in Eloy (near Casa Grande) and Scottsdale will have significantly different market values but the cost to rebuild the house will be the same.

The upgrades currently in the home will affect the replacement cost. Make sure the insurance agent knows the level of upgrades, especially the expensive ones such as plantation shutters, upgraded flooring and kitchen cabinets.

Insuring for cash value will turn into a disappointing surprise if there is a claim because the cash value subtracts out the depreciation.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

This coverage covers the increased cost caused by adherence to current laws and ordinances.  With time building codes change and repairs or replacements will need to incorporate these updated code changes. For example, if a tree falls onto your home that was built in 1985 and the repairs require updated electrical, plumbing or roof systems to meet the current codes this could result in a more costly repair than is covered in the policy. There is a base level of coverage for Ordinace and Law coverage in most policies, just make sure yours is adequate for your home.

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