Stonebridge Lakes – Gilbert lake community with community pools

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Gilbert Waterfront Homes in Stonebridge Lakes Estates and Manor

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Next to the heart of Gilbert is Stonebridge Lakes with over 110 waterfront homes in a community with 2 community pool that features distinctive UDC floor plans, built in the early 1990’s.  Stonebridge Lakes is divided into two communities, the Estates and the Manor with the differences being the size of homes and lot sizes.  Waterfront lots in each section allow boating on the lake.       


Stonebridge Lakes – Community Pools and close to downtown Gilbert

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Downtown Gilbert

In recent years downtown Gilbert has exploded with restaurants where just 10 years ago eating establishments struggled to survive. Now the list goes on an on with more restaurants being added on what seems like a monthly basis. The two  oldest and highly recommended are Liberty Market and Joe’s Real BBQ. And every Saturday is the Gilbert Farmers Market.

Stonebridge Lakes Waterfront Homes

Stonebridge Lakes Homes Waterfront and Non-Waterfront

Waterfront Homes in Gilbert

Lake Communities that allow boating

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