Do you want to know where Phoenix lake communities water comes from?

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Water Sources for Phoenix Lake Communities

As a waterfront buyer develops their list of criteria and questions, one question seldom makes it on the list, What is the source of the water for this lake community?  It would not matter if all man made residential lake communities had the same source or type of water, but they don’t.  There are 3 sources of water from which the Phoenix area lake communities receive their water.  If this is of interest to you, keep on reading and watch the video.

Understanding where Phoenix lake community water comes from

The three sources include well water, water from a watershed and reclaimed water. The older communities are more likely to be those that use well water or water from a watershed. The sources of water for residential lake communities was significantly influenced by the adoption of ARS 45- 132 also known as the Lakes Bill which prohibited the use of potable water for lake communities within an active management area. For this reason all newer lake communities use reclaimed water.

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Older communities that use well water or watershed water will include Scottsdale Ranch, Val Vista Lakes, The Islands Oakwood Lakes, Lakewood, Garden Lakes, Playa Del Rey, Santan Lakeside Estates, Paradise Lake, Dawn Lake and Desert Harbor to name a few.  Additionally, water ski communities will always use well water because of the requirement for the water quality to be “full body contact”.

Newer lake communites and waterfront homes will include many in Chander; Fulton Ranch, Ocotillo Lakes, Lagos Vistoso, Pinelake Estates and others around the valley including Arrowhead Lakes and Estrella Mountain Ranch.

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