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Recreational Paths And Trails Along The SRP Canals

If you’ve ever looked for a safe and leisurely place to go for a walk or ride a bike without the risk of competing  on busy streets with cars and trucks, consider the recreational paths and trails along the SRP canals. Throughout the valley Salt River Project (SRP) manages 131 miles canals that provide over 1 million acre feet of water annually to the Phoenix metro area.

SRP canal paths and trails provide valley residents miles to walk, jog or bike

The Salt River Project (SRP) manages 9 canal systems around the valley including the Consolidated canal, Arizona canal, Grand Canal, and Eastern Canal among others. Many have recreational paved paths and feature trails or paths on both sides of the canals.  These  canals  connect  cities  and  towns  and locations  such as  Tempe  Town  Lake,  Scottsdale  Fashion Square, down town Gilbert, community parks and recreation areas.

Photo courtesy of SRP 

The best way to find out the location of the SRP canals is by going to SRP Canal Map.

The canals date back to the early days of the Phoenix valley with construction dates of 1891 for the Consolidated Canal,  1878 for the Grand Canal or 1912 for the Western Canal, linking cities and towns such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe

Maintenance in the early days was costly since heavy equipment was required to clean the canals of aquatic weeds and algae. Then in the late 1980’s, White Amur were introduced on a trial basis. After much success, White Amur were released into the entire SRP canal system in 2005. These fish native to China, eat over 2/3 of their body weight DAILY  of weeds and algae.

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