What to do after closing – a short list

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After close receiving the keysYou’ve closed, now what?

It all started with searching the internet for that dream house, then getting prequalified and uploading bank accounts, tax returns and more. This was followed by viewing properties day after day, then submitting an offer,  probably multiple offers to get the house you want.  Not that you endured that process, you finally got the keys and it’s time to schedule the long awaited move-in.  If you’re wondering if that’s the end of the road read on.  There are a few more things to do after closing.

Things to do after closing on your homeTo do list after moving in

This list will be nothing compared to what you’ve done thus far, but they are important.  The obvious first step is the re-key the locks on the doors, and consider changing any codes that a previous owner/tenant may have access to.  Watch the video below for more information.

Now based on personal experience, I strongly suggest know where the utility shut offs are located. Knowing this in advance is important because when there is an emergency the time to prepare is gone, especially when a water pipe inside the house has broken making everything soggy!   After that, learn about AC condensation lines and which one should have water flowing out and Gilbert Regional Parkwhich one should not.  Understanding this will save you money in the long run.  Part of making a house a home involves being part of a community. There is no better way to do this than introducing yourself to the neighbors.  You’ll depend and be helpful in a variety of ways.  Watching the house when you’re on vacation, letting you know when your dog has escaped from the backyard and much more.

If you’re still at the beginning steps and would like to receive updated properties, let me know by clicking on receive properties as they come on the market.  This will help stay on top of the market of new listings. Or call me directly at 480-326-8571.

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