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Things to know when buying a new home

Tips to buying a new homeA brand new home can be so appealing in many ways.  You can choose your flooring, cabinets, type of counter tops and numerous upgrades.   Not to mention all the appliances are and mechanical systems are new.  So what if anything could go wrong with purchasing a new build home?  Well, let’s consider 9 tips to help you when buying a new build home from a builder to make it a smooth experience.

What you need to know when buying a new build home

New build homes

Admit it. It’s hard not to fall in love with a model home where they’ve unleased the interior designers to make them as appealing as possible.  Hopefully, that feeling can be put aside and you can go into the transaction with your eyes wide open. There are numerous areas that you need to be aware of when considering buying a new home.   Let me share some tips to know when buying a new build home.

*First of all,  how much credibility does the timeline they give you for the home to be built?  That can vary and the contract will probably give you a date the salesperson did not.

Next, make sure you READ THE CONTRACT.  Even though the builder may not change the language in the contract, you will be aware of the risks and

Canta Mia new homes

potential problems that can come up later while you wait for your dream home to be finished. One of these areas is  the remedy for potential defects that occur during the construction process. What does the contract say?  Watch the video above to see what one builder included in the contract to shield them.

When you’re ready, and want  help searching for new homes.  Click on help me find a new home.   

Other things to watch for include understanding if the subdivision is located in a community facility district.  This will impact the property taxes since a CFD establishes a special tax district.  The upside is these subdivisions typically feature upgraded amenities.

Finally in the current market it would be a good time to talk to the builder about concessions. With interest rates rising buyer interest has decreased which means the builders want to get homes sold and are willing to discuss discount points and interest rate buy downs to help.  Additionally there are other topics such as credit toward upgrades and price reductions.

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