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Boat Friendly Lake Communities in Phoenix

Some potential home owners want to look at something besides a block wall when they’re in their backyard. That’s where waterfront properties in Phoenix residential boating communities become very appealing.  Then there are those that ask, “Does this lake allow boating?” This leads to another set of questions. For example, some lake communities don’t allow any type of watercraft or boats, and some only allow canoes or kayaks.  Which ones allow electric pontoon boats?  If you want to learn more about boat friendly lake communities in Phoenix, keep reading.

Best Residential Lake Communities for Boatingpaddle boat

Even when a lake community allows boats, that can mean different things. Do they allow pontoon boats or is it only paddle boats and canoes?  These questions should be answered in the CC&R’s so it is extremely important to reivew them prior to the purchase.  Another way to get an idea if the lake community is boatpaddle board friendly is to go to Google Maps and zoom in on th eshoreline and see if there are any existing docks or boats already on the lake. This will give some insight into the desirability and any restrictions.  If you see boats along the shoreline, then you can be confident they’re allowed. The video below will show you some tools to help determine if the lake community is boat friendly.

The video will also give you a list of waterfront communities that are the most sought after for those who are looking to use a pontoon boat, canoe, or kayaks. And check out the tool to help you measure distances of the waterways.

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The cities that have the largest boat friendly lake communities include Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, Tempe, Arizona City,  Avondale and Mesa.

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