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Tool to avoid title fraud

The Maricopa county recorder recently rolled out a tool to help homeowners avoid title fraud.  It has been on the rise and can be financially devasting to a homeowner. This title fraud alert tool notifies homeowners when a document is being recorded that has their name or the name of the business or trust.  Instead of finding out months or years after the illegal act property owners can be notified almost immediately.

Tool to help Maricopa county property owners

Homeowners can go to recorder.maricopa.gov to sign up. It’s free and easy.  Or google Maricopa Title Alert and it will take you directly to the sign up page.

Title fraud, also known as real estate title fraud or property title fraud, is a type of fraudulent activity. Title fraud typically involves someone illegally transferring the ownership of a property to themselves or another party without the knowledge or consent of the actual owner.

Homeowners who occupy their homes and have a mortgage are less likely to experience title fraud. .  The most likely targets for houses are those that are empty, rentals owned by corporations or owners who live out of state, or homes whose owners recently passed away. And don’t forget about land since it is typically free and clear with no mortgage and obviously no occupants.   As an extra precaution, it is advisable to check the county records periodicaly, either the assessor’s office or recorder’s website to confirm the information regarding your property is correct.

This program is currrently only avaiable for Maricopa county; however there is legislation that will require a title fraud alert tool be available for all Arizona counties by early 2025.

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