Dobson Ranch Waterfront Townhouses at The Landings in Mesa, Az.

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Lakefront Views at The Landings at Dobson Ranch Townhouses

The unique characteristic of this lake community is the high percentage of townhouses that have views of the water.  Over 75% of the properties have a view from the back patio and bedrooms of the small canals that run north and south through the community.  There is a combination of single and two story townhouses in The Landings.

Lakes or Water Features?

When compared to other lake communities the bodies of water in The Landings at Dobson Ranch are on the small side, but they do provide a welcome contrast to the typical desert landscaping.  So maybe they should be looked upon as large and attractive water features.    The Landings also has a community pool, besides the Dobson Ranch pools to which residents can enjoy.

Multiple HOA’s

This brings up an important issue regarding HOA’s.  In large master planned communities that have a variety of housing, ie. single family homes and townhouses, it is common for the residents in a townhoue/condo community to pay for two HOAs.  One for the master planned community such as Dobson Ranch and another for The Landings.   This is also the case for other townhouse communities such as Harbour Village at The Lakes in Tempe and Crescent Falls in Fulton Ranch.  Even if the listing does not indicate there are two HOA’s, it is wise to investiage this thoroughly before submitting an offer.

Townhouses for Sale in The Landings

Satellite View of The Landings

Townhouses in The Landings were built in the late ’70’s and range in square footage from 1,152 – 1, 787 with the single story units having the larger living area.

The Landings enjoys good access to the US60 freeway as well as the Dobson Ranch Golf Course. running paths along the canals, shopping and dining, and the Mesa Arts Center in Historic Downtown.

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