Homeowner’s Rebate Affidavit Update

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 The affidavit never went out as required

Last year lawmakers decided that one way to help fund the “Jobs Bill” was to make sure that only homeowners receive the State Aid Credit subsidy.  Their strategy was to require every eligible homeowner sign an affidavit that their home is correctly classified as a “class 3” property, beginning in 2012.  Every homeowner would receive an affidavit every other year with their property valuation notice that would have to be signed and returned. The intent was to eliminate the credit from properties that do not qualify such as rentals that have been receiving the subsidy.  The savings was estimated to be approximately $39 million.

 HB 2486 and SB 1217

When I called the Department of Revenue and the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office, it was difficult to get a solid answer on how this new law was being implemented.   The reason the affidavits never got sent out were two bills currently in the legislature, HB 2486 and SB 1217.

The bills would eliminate the current affidavit requirements and require the county assessors to mail a notice every four years beginning in 2013 to each Class 3 property owner if the owner has a mailing address outside the county  in which the property is located, or has a mailing address that is different than the property, or has the same mailing address listed for more than one parcel of Class 3 property, or appears to be a business entity.

The best advice right now is to watch and wait.





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